Monteverde Jewelria

I didn’t (and still don’t) know much about this company or its reputation. I bought my pen simply because it glowed among all the staid pens. It is almost Easter, almost spring and its bright sunny appeal was simple.


My actual goal was to buy a bottle of Monteverde ink; however, I was not impressed at all with what was on hand and not familiar enough with the brand to know what was good. The ink samples were poorly done and it was too hard to choose. On the other hand, I did walk away with a ridiculously expensive bottle of Graf von Faber Castell ink. The ink cost more than the pen which I got for thirty per cent off. The vendor did ink it up with Monteverde Blue Horizon for me (he offered me any colour I wanted). Tonally, it is a doppelganger for Kon-Peki but does not have any shading at all which makes it a poor second cousin.

As for the pen, it is a little bit over the top. It doesn’t need two broad silver bands on the cap, in my opinion. On the other hand, I do love the mountain profile on the finial and the nib. Nice! I am a sucker for finials. The nib is pleasant and perfunctory. Nothing very good or very bad about it. The pen is extremely light and easy to use, the converter came with it. The closest pen I have in price is the Pilot Metropolitan and the two are not comparable. I prefer writing with the Jewelria because it is lighter and because it doesn’t have that nasty section step down but the nib is definitely inferior in my opinion. All subjective. The closes pen I have in style is the Edison Pearlette and again I feel that the two are not comparable. The Pearlette is a dream of a pen.

I knew when I bought this pen that there was really no reason, other than good cheer, for the purchase. It has not really added anything to my collection that is different. I do reach for it because it is a happy, glowing thing and that reasoning will have to suffice. I would recommend it to anyone who can get it at a comparable price to the Metro as an alternative to it if the Metro step down is a turn off. I have to admit that I often second guess reaching for my Metro for this very reason.