I wonder how many fountain pen addicts began with a Safari? My first was a Lamy Joy that I picked up to experiment with mixed media journalling. I didn’t get too far with that but while I was nosing around the store shortly thereafter, I picked up this bright pink Safari. I was advised that it was a limited edition. I didn’t know what that meant exactly and I still don’t. I do know, from the finial, that this is the 2009 limited edition and that seems about right timing wise. The fact that there have been several of these limited editions (and hence the finial identification) lifts my eyebrows at the designation. Right now it can be purchased on JetPens.

I have nothing new to say about this pen: the internet is stuffed to exploding with reviews and opinions.

For me, my Lamys (I had a yellow Safari that I lost and I just acquired a Dark Lilac) have been workhorses. I have multiple converters and multiple nibs and I have never had a single problem with filling them, cleaning them, ink flow, changing nibs, or starting.  They just work every time, all the time. The triangular hold doesn’t bother me, nor does the cheap plastic (I grudgingly admit that the matte finish on the Lilac at least makes it look like a grown ups pen). Everything: pen, nib, converter is all quite cheap and it is easy to acquire an entire menagerie. I have not been tempted to purchase the aluminum version or the demonstrator version.

Changing nibs is easy and there are plenty of instructions out there on how to do it including YouTube videos. The converters are sturdy and last forever. They hold a good amount of ink. The ink viewer in the barrel of the pen is extremely functional. It takes no skill to break this pen down, clean it entirely and put it back together again.

Sometimes, things just work.

Lamy Safari Pink.jpg


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