1. ♥Iroshizuku Kon-Peki (Deep Cerulean Blue)
  2. ♥Iroshizuku Asa-Gao (Morning Glory)
  3. Iroshizuku Ama-Iro (Sky Blue)
  4. Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku (Peacock)
  5. Iroshizuku Tsuyo-Kusa (Asiatic Day Flower)
  6. Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo (Moonlight or Moonlit Night)
  7. Noodler’s Navy
  8. ♥Noodler’s Legal Lapis
  9. *Seitz-Kreuznach Arctic Blue
  10. Edelstein Aquamarine
  11. ♥Lamy Turquoise
  12. OS Nitrogen
  13. Kaweco Summer Paradise (cartridges)

To be honest, I would probably ♥ nearly all of these inks except the Kaweco. I turn up my nose at blue inks as being pedestrian. In fact, they are anything but.

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